Emcia (tennischicy801) wrote,

technology hates me

I'm officially the queen of killing phones. If I listed all of the phones and how they were broken or lost, the list would be infinit it seems. In reality, I've literally gone through at least 20 phones I believe, if not more. I just can't seem to keep electronics, phones in particular safe. I destroy anything that is technological. I keep my phone in my back pocket of my jeans and today in the bathroom at school it fell out and dropped in the mother fucking toilet. I didn't even realize what was going on because it was so ridiculous so I just casually reached in and grabbed it. Then I came back to reality and realized what i had just done. Not only had I dropped my phone in the toilet but I just fucking stuck my entire hand in the toilet too! My phone smelled like ass as well as my hand. I now need some sort of hand transplant because that was so nasty, any donations? I'm just so wonderfully good at breaking things for no apparent reason. Who has gone through 4 computers in one year? Me! Grannit sometimes it's not my fault, like my last phone which broke only 2 weeks ago, the keypad just randomly stopped working. I think God has some sort of vendetta against me, and likes to just play with my head sometimes in little ways that just inconevience my life and cost sigificant amounts of money. Thank God my parents pay for everything, otherwise I would ahve no phone, computer, or ipod. Well, I wouldn't ahve anything really but those are the electronic things that seem to die when in the company of me.
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